Our culture makes the language lives on

Citizen of the UK of Armenian origin, organist, pianist and composer Artur Bobigian presented his album entitled "My Keys to Christmas" at Naregatsi Art Institute yesterday. This is Artur Bobigian's first album, which was produced by the proposal of the Royal College of Music of the UK. The recordings were held at the large concert hall of the Royal College of Music with legendary Arthur Rubinstein's piano. During the premiere, the musician performed his adaptations of Christmas carols for the piano and joined singer Hasmik Baghdasaryan as she sang "Greensleeves", which is one of the world's most romantic ballads. Dancer Teni Matian, who is the official representative of the Royal Academy of Dance of the UK in Armenia, performed a unique choreographic composition to the sounds of the piano. "Art truly has no boundaries, and it gives us pleasure to see Armenian musicians present themselves to the world. However, we should never forget our roots," said Artur Bobigian, who has performed at the Royal Concert Hall for Festivals, the abbot residence in Westminster, the Holy Trinity Church in Paris and whose works have been performed by the BBC Singers Chamber Choir and the London Symphonic Orchestra. "Our culture, that is, our language, speech, music and our language live on because of our good culture. Everyone's goal should be to present our culture to the world, but for some reason, Armenian classical and spiritual art isn't broadcast on television and radio," said the musician. Artur Bobigian's next visit to Armenia will be in the summer.